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Leasingology 101: Learning Multifamily Lingo
If you're new to the property management/multifamily housing industry, you might feel as if industry veterans speak a language all their own. And, they really do, don’t they? It reminds me of the scene in the movie Good Morning Vietnam where Adrian ...
3 Strategies to Fill Your Long-Standing Vacant Apartments
Vacancy loss is the bane of all multifamily housing operators. Once an apartment is empty, that revenue opportunity is lost forever. So it’s not surprising that all sorts of methods (and madness) have evolved to deal with units that have been vacan...
Safety Tips When Showing Your Rental Property
Showing your rental property to prospective tenants necessitates not only meeting new people, but showing them into the apartment. While most potential renters are simply average folks in need of a place to live, the process of showing apartmen...
How You Can Avoid Our 13 Biggest Mistakes, Part 3
Entrepreneurs will tell you that they learn more from their mistakes than their successes.  My definition of an entrepreneur is a person who has earned enough money to pay for his own mistakes (I fall in that category).  We have found it in...
Suburban Mixed-Use is Booming
Back to the Suburbs | Edition 1 Major Mixed-Use and Commercial Projects in West-Central Broward CapasGroup Realty Advisors is pleased to announce “Back to the Suburbs,” a new series of articles focusing on the significant de...

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    • Jay Koster's Avatar
    • Pokemon GO
    • Our community sits between four Pokestops and a Pokegym, so we see a LOT of foot traffic in the neighborhood. Given our trend of high-occupancy (thank...
    • Last post by Jay Koster
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    • Smoking
    • Good thought, Lorie, but the concern I'd have is that wind is unpredictable. Even before we went Smoke-Free, we had a policy of no smoking in the...
    • Last post by Jay Koster

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